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Funding envisaged by ESIR can be applied when the project meets the sectoral criteria, it is profitable and has other funding. Funding is always a consideration and can cover up to half of the project costs.

The first step to using ESIR’s funding is to familiarize yourself with the ESIR website or direct contact with the European Investment Bank. The suitability of an investment project on the ESIR website can be:

  1. to assess whether the project is to be funded by ESIR.
  2. to assess what kind of ESIR instruments can agree to finance the project.
  3. to estimate to which ESIR-mediated organizations should be connected to. for the project.

Potential applicants may also be directly in contact with ESIR Investment Advisory: 029 460 2580 or submit a contact request at esir (at)

If the funding provided by ESIR is suitable for the project, it will be directed to a suitable brokerage organization or the applicant will be advised of further follow-up. Investment Advisory Board will guide in more detail public-sector projects that are appropriate for funding.

The funding provided by ESIR is channeled through the European Investment Bank and its intermediary organizations. In Finland, financial organizations under the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, such as Finnvera, Finnish Industry Investment and Tekes, operate as key financial and / or ESIR information intermediary organizations. Banks, other financial institutions and, for example, funds may also become intermediary organizations. It is also possible to create investment schemes combining different projects and financiers. The Ministry of Employment and the Economy coordinates the utilization of ESIR in Finland together with other ministries and actors.

ESIR investment advice

ESIR Investment Advisory provides information about the Fund and the start of the financial process. It also serves as a link between the European Investment Bank, commercial banks, national development banks and other intermediary organizations. Investment advice works under the guidance of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Investment advice is provided by Finnvera in co-operation with other Team Finland organizations and private financial advisory firms.

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