Your Business From Getting Sick

The turnover or the margin is the engine of each company! If it is lacking, as a boss or decision-maker, we are overwhelmed by our multifunctionals. It is therefore not easy to get out of the everyday tensions to overcome the problem.

  • How to improve the ratio of telephone calls made with the real decision-makers?
  • How to increase the ability to identify customer needs and solutions?
  • How to trigger concrete steps from the first interview?
  • How to manage more business during daily activities?
  • How to optimize profitability for existing customers?
  • How to keep control throughout the sales process?
  • How to increase contacts, offers and conclusions without taking more time?

In the next InnoVibes , Yves Steinmann , partner at salesgenerator, will answer these questions and show what he can do, affecting 5 to 10% of the time to the exploration of your future business.

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An event open to all.

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