Holiday With Partial Payment

Ideal for spending money is usually that it is first saved and then consumed. In other words, the money spent on holiday travel should preferably be saved in advance. In real life and in everyday life, however, not all ideals are always possible.

External funding is also required for a holiday trip if your own savings are not enough to cover the entire trip. Financing your trip with a loan money can, however, become expensive if you receive the first offer. The three-euro difference in the monthly payment / account management fee for a 3-year loan period means additional costs of over EUR 100. The same bank is not always the cheapest for everyone since the affordability varies largely depending on the loan amount and the time. For this reason, costs should always be compared before purchasing.

We have compared the holiday loans of various tour operators with the banks’ consumer credit and credit cards. These are the most common ways in which Finns generally finance themselves as well as saving their holidays.

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Loan loans in comparison

Our comparison makes it clear that unsecured consumer credit provided by banks to their customers is cheaper than the financing options of the travel providers. This is in part because of the fact that offering different financing options to tour operators is like an additional service that can improve margins. It is therefore not their core business and is not likely to be invested on the same scale, for example in banks and other financial institutions.

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