Office Space for Rent in Melbourne - What You Need to Know

Over the last decade, the Aussie city of Melbourne has evolved into a thriving hub for entrepreneurs and investors. It offers diverse and exciting markets, with enough variation to make it a global hotspot. However, at the same time, it remains a very accessible community.

The city is relatively small when compared with places like London and New York, so networking is a powerful tool here. What’s more, there is plenty of office space for rent in Melbourne too. Businesses are free to pick from an array of flexible, scalable options.

This article outlines the key features of office space in Melbourne, with a focus on the best neighbourhoods and addresses.

What It Means to Go ‘Serviced’ in 2018 

If your priority is to keep costs low and save money for future development, a traditional, long-term lease may not be the best choice. It’s worth considering a more flexible option such as a serviced, furnished suite. While rates may still be high, these offices come with a very appealing perk. All key and core utilities are included in the monthly fee.

Tenants don’t have to pay anything more for heating, lighting, or air-conditioning. If they’re happy to use the onsite cleaning services, they don’t have to pay for their own. Every serviced facility is a little different, but most include IT support, receptionists, mail sorting, high-speed broadband, conference rooms, and more.

The Biggest Benefit of Being Managed 

While some businesses question the level of independence associated with managed services, the truth is serviced vendors are ‘hands off’ until you choose otherwise. This leasing model is comprehensive – providers offer their tenants a lot of resources – but the expectation is for businesses to shape their own agreements.

For instance, most serviced facilities allow tenants to pick and choose the features of their agreement. If you have no need for conference room access, you don’t have to pay for it. If you require a dedicated phone line but don’t plan to receive much mail, you don’t need an assistant to sort it. The point is, with serviced offices, the tenant is in control.

Searching for Serviced Offices in Melbourne 

There are multiple serviced facilities in central Melbourne. Here are the locations businesses are fighting to get their hands on.

Collins Street 

This area is one of the most visited in the city. It attracts large numbers of tourists, so it is very popular with businesses. In fact, there are few spots as prestigious as this neighbourhood. Fifteenth-century bookshops mingle with designer jewellers, gothic cathedrals, couture clothing stores, and Michelin starred restaurants.

Riverside Quay 

If a city has a waterfront, you can bet the big brands will clamour for space there. The serviced offices at the Riverside Quay boast incredible views. Any company would be proud to host clients in a luxury office in this neighbourhood. The area has excellent transport links and will put you right at the heart of the action.

William Street 

William Street is one of the busiest areas of Melbourne. It is located right in the middle of the central business district. It is also home to the Supreme Court of Justice and County Court, so it has strong ties to local government. If you want to base your business in a highly respected neighbourhood, look for a serviced office at this address.

Is a Serviced Office the Right Choice for You? 

It’s true that serviced offices work a little differently to private, long hold leases. However, they are not to be confused with things like virtual workspaces and coworking environments. With these arrangements, the tenant always gets an office to be privately rented and used.

There is no obligation to share resources, aside from in collective canteens, break spaces, and coworking areas. Most facilities do include these in their buildings, but there is no obligation to use them. Shared spaces are great for networking though. It’s worth checking them out if you’re new to the area.

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