The Quality Of Your Business Relations

Today, non-verbal communication is one of the most powerful management tools. It plays a major role in the leadership function. It helps to affirm its message and its position within the company. Knowing how to manage body movements, establishing good body posture, targeting your gaze, using an appropriate tone of voice and being able to decrypt these non-verbal signals in others, means giving yourself the means to perfect your relational communication, to create a positive working climate and bringing its employees to the path of success.

Our axes:

  • Capturing the audience’s attention
  • Building a climate of trust
  • Supporting your message
  • Developing sales potential
  • Affirm your charisma

Your results: 

  • Putting you in agreement with your interlocutors
  • Strengthen your relationships with your employees
  • Strengthening the impact of your speech
  • Improve the quality of your business relationships
  • Gaining credibility

The quality of our communication is determined, not by the way we say things, but by the way in which it is understood.

                                                  Andrew Grove – CEO Intel

Two- day residential workshop at SON CORB HOTEL in Majorca, hosted by Thierry Piguet and Frank Stell
Dates: Thursday 8 and Friday 9 October 2015 *
Price of the course: 1650, – CHF * per person, except transport Switzerland – Palma
* The price for our residential workshop includes:
  • 2 days of intensive seminar
  • 2 coaching sessions in individualized follow-up within 60 days after the seminar (in Geneva)
  • The course material of the MANAGER COACH with theoretical elements and exercises
  • 2 nights in a single room
  • Breakfasts
  • The lunch
  • Morning and afternoon breaks
  • Transfer from airport to hotel
  • Possibility of extending your stay during the weekend

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