Recent Loan Tips

The Vantaa City Library’s web site provides loan-based and loan-based proposals for algorithms. The service is now complemented by a blog that makes it easy for people who are living and human libraries to benefit and read inspirational loan tips.

Recommendation blog tips are written by Elina, Katja, Anna-Mari and Kristiina from Vantaa’s City Library Procurement and Directory Department.

In the blog, we’ll tell you the hottest loan tips in a variety of ways. They can join, for example, seasons, theme weeks and days, as well as other current phenomena and speeches. In most cases, books and books for adults and children, but also audio books, e-books and movies – are almost everything that libraries offer.

The blog is also a kind of library display window. Not only do we present library material, we also occasionally tell about what libraries do. The blog also provides information on literary awards and their candidates and winners.

The blog can be found on the site from the top bar menu.

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