Tips For Improving Productivity

In this article, I will discuss some simple tips to improve work productivity. Understanding better productivity is important when you want to achieve results with less effort.

Productivity can be measured in different ways, as productivity is defined by the formula outputs / inputs . Productivity works best as a benchmark when comparing the productivity of the same thing at different times. Often productivity is measured by the efficiency of a work input, where the formula is outputs / hours worked .

The article’s tips are mainly based on the 37Signals Rework book and, moreover, have signed up for my own ideas. The earlier paper based articles focused on business planning and ideas tips as well as more effective development of the company .

Demonstration improves communication and productivity

Researching the biggest individual problems in companies are communication problems. Communication problems can occur directly between people, between plans and implementation or in other similar situations where something has to be said to be forwarded.

Significant problems arise when people think they understand each other, but have not been able to understand their cause. Projects go wrong when project manager, implementer, and customer think different results.

One solution to improving communication is to eliminate extra layers between the end result and the plan. Drawing, acting or any other way of illustration, for example, can reduce confusion between the desired outcome and the plan.

By constructing the result, a model that everyone can see with their own eyes is a step closer to a problem-free project. Written and spoken texts will never work as well as images that everyone understands almost the same.

Always know why you do something

The next tip for developing productivity is to ask each and every time what you are doing and whether it is necessary. When you make sure of the necessity of things, you can do things that really matter.

When working with others, all participants should be able to respond in the same way to why . A necessary and good cause creates the motivation to do the best thing possible.

I think that in military service one of the worst enemies of motivation and productivity is why it does not take time to answer the question. The most common answer is, “You do it because you are told!” And the crew is annoyed when you are in a hurry to wait.

I recently read a book telling the CEO of a company (I think IBM) to tell the employees to answer all of their emails for why . All e-mails that gave instructions were meant to tell who, what, when and where, why, what’s the answer to  . The CEO appreciated the reason for telling him so much that he could be dismissed if he did not report the reason several times.

Do not allow interruptions

Interrupting is the worst enemy of productivity and it would be efficient to work at least half of the day without disturbances.

Much of the actual work is alone. And when working alone, it would be a better job to do it alone without disturbing communication. Extra conversations interrupt thinking and work requires a new time to become involved in the pre-discussion focus.

However, many jobs require some communication with others, and in such situations more flexible tools such as e-mail reduce immediate interruptions. Everyone can reply to e-mail on their own work schedule appropriately.

Minimize the number of appointments

The worst possible form of interruption is a meeting and it is a poison to productivity. Meetings interrupt the work and an hourly meeting of 10 people will take over 10 hours of actual working time.

Often, meetings involve a strange discussion next to the topic and are out of the ordinary job. For example, very short meetings, for example, with a computer aid, can go far beyond mandatory common decisions. A few minutes of chat conversation can replace a normal one hour meeting.

And when the meeting is really needed, it needs to be prepared with care . As few people as possible are invited to the meeting, and there is a very simple and clear subject. The most effective solution is to solve a predetermined problem, and the outcome of the meeting is to reach a clear solution and implementer of the solution.

Only this decision can achieve the purpose of the meeting, ie the expertise of participants has been used to solve a problem. Again, the tip mentioned in the previous article applies, that is, good enough is usually enough. Quick decisions release you to work as quickly as possible and solve problems with as little effort as possible.


The last but challenging way to improve productivity is  to end the job if it does show that the results will not be achieved . Many organizations are constantly wasting more resources on projects because they do not want to recognize that they have lost past and often huge resources for the project. However, action that will ultimately be of no use should be stopped immediately, though it seems difficult.

All in all, productivity is a multi-dimensional matter that is influenced not only by effective working practices, but also by motivation and other psychological factors. Building effective ways around work is important for improving personal productivity. In fact, I use an excel list, for example, to make writing more intuitive, with interesting themes every time they come to mind. So I do not have to think about where to write, and I can pick topics directly from the list.

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