What Kind Of Project Can Be funded?

A project funded by the Structural Funds will have to do something about Sustainable Growth and Work 2014-2020 – the objective of the Finnish Structural Funds program. The program describes objectives by means of policies and specific objectives. The main objectives are to promote innovation and new creation, to develop jobs and businesses, and to promote growth, to develop know-how and skills, and to increase participation.

The regional project must also support regional priorities. Projects funded by the national programs have been set up to meet their own different themes. The ELY Centers also grant corporate development grants from the Structural Funds funds, for more information on the ELY Centers’ own websites . The Innovation Fund Tekes also grants funding from the Structural Funds. For Tekes funding, see the Tekes website .

Before making an application, it is good to find out:

  • what kind of limitations in the call for applications will be set for the projects to be submitted
  • which other parties are involved in financing the project
  • what the cost model mentioned in the call for applications is best suited for the project
  • does your organization in the project conduct any economic activity that is subject to the de minimis rule?

Please read the instructions for beneficiaries as well as the EURA 2014 filling instructions; you will find more information about these issues.

Funding can be applied, for example, to educational institutions, various organizations, research institutes, municipalities, companies and other legal entities. The program document defines potential beneficiaries by priority. The purpose of the Structural Fund support is to benefit the widest possible range. The applicant must have the know-how related to the project’s project as well as the conditions for carrying out the project activities and continuing the project after the project.

A good project supports the well-being of its area and target group. It can generate new innovations, businesses and jobs. It adds skills and job skills. The project can focus on preventing exclusion and improving work ability. The project aims to find new solutions and practices, to internationalize and to disseminate good models. A good project builds on cooperation and partnership. Projects are required to promote equality, equality, sustainable development or low carbon.

A good project application has the following features:

  • There is a clear justification for the project’s need
  • The aim and the measures are clear and precise
  • The target group is clearly defined and limited
  • The partners needed for the project are committed to the project
  • The cost estimate in relation to the objectives and measures of the project is justified and reasonable
  • The project has a plan for the continuation and consolidation of operations and the dissemination of results
  • The developer has agreed on the project’s other funding and committed itself to the self-financing component
  • The project has sufficient and knowledgeable staff resources

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