Insurance Claim To Be Applied for

Claims based on an insurance contract must be submitted to the insurance company within one year from the date on which the claimant has been informed of the possibility of obtaining an insurance premium. In other words, he has 1 year to make a claim

Time begins to run from the moment the claimant becomes aware of the possibility of obtaining compensation. Usually it means the moment when the damage occurs. Sometimes, however, the consequences of injury can only occur later. In these situations, time does not start running from the moment of the damage event. In such cases, the period of time elapses from the date when the policyholder has been informed of the valid insurance and the occurrence of the insurance event.

Example. X breaks his shoulder at the gym. He has a comprehensive insurance for permanent damages in hobbies. X treats his shoulder with a doctor. Only a few months later, the doctor states that the shoulder injury is permanent. Only then X will know that the shoulder injury is permanent and therefore falls under the insurance policy. Only after receiving this information begins a period of one year’s expiration.

The absolute limit for applying for compensation is 10 years from the occurrence of the insurance event. In other words, when 10 years after the accident has occurred, it can no longer be compensated, even if the right to compensation is not known to the insured until after that. If the claim is not submitted within the time limit, the claimant will lose his or her entitlement to compensation. The claim for compensation must be presented to the insurer.

The insurer must either pay an insurance premium or declare that the compensation is not paid, at the latest one month after receiving the documents and information that the claimant is legally required to provide.

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